Sports Massage

Whether overcoming tension and lactic acid build up during training, or tight muscles from working on a computer all day, a sports massage can help decrease the tension in the muscles and ease the pain in order to help you feel like your usual self again. 



Relaxing Massage

A massage designed to enhance and promote deep feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. 



Pregnancy Massage

A treatment well suited for mamas-to-be, aiming to Reduce stress, relax your muscles and improve your blood flow, mood and sleep during pregnancy.

Gentle massage movements will relieve the tension in your musscles caused by the changes your body is going through these 9 months of pregnancy. 



Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage therapy treatment is designed to stimulate and re direct lymphatic flow. The aim of the treatment  is to encourage the lymphatic system to maintain this, over a period of time. 




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