Sports Massage

Whether overcoming tension and lactic acid build up during training, or tight muscles from working on a computer all day, this will be a targeted treatment tailored for you. A sports massage can help decrease the tension in the muscles and ease the pain, in order to help you feel like your usual self again.


Can be booked for half hour or an hour.  



Relaxing Massage

A massage designed to enhance and promote deep feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. Light pressure applied to the muscles with gentle, slow, rhythmic movements. The pressure intensity can be adjusted to your preference.


Can be booked for half hour for half body treatment or an hour for a full body experience. 



Pregnancy Massage

A treatment well suited for mamas-to-be, aiming to reduce stress, relax your muscles and improve your blood flow, mood and sleep during pregnancy.

Gentle massage movements will relieve the tension in your musscles caused by the changes your body is going through these 9 months of pregnancy. 


Can be booked for half hour, for half body treatment targeting specific areas or for an hour for a full body experience.



Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage therapy treatment is designed to stimulate and re direct lymphatic flow. The aim of the treatment is to encourage the lymphatic system to maintain this flow. 


It can help people with:

  • Fluid retention  
  • General oedema and swelling
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and can enhance relaxation
  • Relaxes muscles and tension which can in turn improve digestion and bowel movements.
  • Post-injury swelling
  • Post operative swelling
  • Optimises results after liposuction
  • Aids the healing process of patients with skin disorders


This treatment lasts one hour. 



Facial Massage

For a youthful looking skin there are many surprising benefits of facial massage that you probably didn’t know.


It stimulates lymphatic drainage, removes toxins, reduces swelling and puffiness and increases blood circulation that brings nutrients and oxygen into facial tissue.


Facial massage when combined with pressure points can help to ease tension headaches, tension in the jaw or blocked sinuses. In addition, a facial massage is highly soothing and can alleviate stored bodily stress, leaving you completely relaxed with a revitalized complexion. 


A facial massage treatment is performed on the areas of face, décolletage and neck. This treatment is suitable for everyone.


A 20 minutes of facial massage can be combined with any of your treatments in our clinic or can be booked as a stand alone 45min treatment. 



Buccal Massage (intraoral massage) 

With this treatment the therapist tarcets the areas of the face, jaw and also the cavity inside of your mouth. Buccal massage works with the pressure points and lymphatic drainage of the face. This type of massage is very beneficial for people that experience pain in the face and jaw, helping with symptoms of TMJ disorder and people that are clenching or grinding their teeth (bruxism).

From a cosmetic point of view this buccal massage is directed on the elimintaion of toxins and fluid congestion from the facial area. It also encorages blood flow and circulation to the facial tissues, it tightens skin and promotes a more youthful appearance. In addition, this buccal massage is detoxifying and clearing the skin amd therefore can help with the reduction of acne when performed on a regular basis.

Buccal massage can be combined with your usual massage or facial treatment for 10-15min or as it’s own for 30min.



Baby Massage


Baby massage is a gentle soothing practice, including various techniques and movements on the babies whole body.


Along with physical wellness, massage supports your infant's emotional and psychological development. The gentle pressure and movements of the massage provide sensory stimulation crucial for the babies development and sensory integration. It can promote circulation and aid in their immune support. In addition it can relieve symptoms of colic, constipation and aid in a restful sleep and better sleep patterns.


We occasional run group sessions with mums and babies to teach mothers

a nice routine to massage their babies at home. This can be encorporated in their bathing routine. Regular baby massage will help the well beeing of your baby. It can also help with bonding and your confidence in your daily care routine and discovering what your baby likes and doesn't like. 

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