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As part of our commitment to your health and well-being, we are delighted to introduce our enriching and comprehensive Rehabilitation semi private sessions.


This program is designed to incorporate key techniques such as myofascial release (i.e.: using foam rollers) and targeted stretching exercises for both the lower and upper body muscle groups as well as the spinal area.


What You Will Gain:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Learn how to improve your range of motion, which is essential for general health, daily activities and overall fitness.
  • Improved Posture: Discover exercises and practices that strengthen your posture, contributing to better health and confidence.
  • Injury Prevention: Understand and apply preventative measures to safeguard against common injuries, enhancing your muscle health and resilience.
  • Improve your breathing: Understand the importance of the way you breath during exercise and how to also use breathing to relax.
  • Educational Content: Gain knowledge on the dos and don'ts with your posture at work, your sports and at the gym, common mistakes, and misconceptions about fitness and muscle care. Nutrition/Hydration/Supplementation


  • Duration: The workshop spans four weeks, with one-hour sessions each week.
  • Open to All: Whether you have a sedentary job, you like sports, you are a fitness novice or a seasoned gym-goer, this workshop is designed to offer valuable insights and practices for everyone.
  • Location: The Osteopathic Health Centre
  • Price: €15 per hour (commitment for 4 weeks is required to complete the series)

Schedule and Booking:

  •  Date: The Rehabilitation begins on the first Tuesday of every month at 19:30 and will continue on subsequent Tuesdays for 4 weeks
  • Advance Booking Required: Space is limited, and we encourage you to book in advance to secure your participation. Call our receptionists for more details and bookings on 25256533.


We look forward to welcoming you to our Rehabilitation session and assisting you on your journey to better mobility and health. Available in English and Greek.

Breathing Retraining/Relaxation Techniques

Relax and Rejuvinate


Welcome to our enriching Breathing and Relaxation, meticulously designed to foster inner peace and physical relaxation through advanced breathing techniques, guided meditations, and mindfulness practices.


This program is designed to cover a wide array of breathing methods, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness exercises, ensuring a comprehensive understandingIncludes practical applications for daily life, empowering participants to integrate these practices into their routine for lasting benefits.


What You Will Gain:

  • Enhance mental clarity and focus, paving the way for increased productivity and creativity
  • Significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels, contributing to better emotional health
  • Promote emotional balance and well-being, aiding in the cultivation of a more positive outlook on life
  • Improve sleep quality, leading to better overall health and vitality


  • Duration: 1-hour sessions, offering a thorough exploration of relaxation and mindfulness
  • Open to All: Whether you have a stressful job, a hectic life or just want to keep a good mental state, this workshop is designed to offer lasting benefits.
  • Location: The Osteopathic Health Centre
  • Price: €15 per hour x 4 weeks = €60

Schedule and Booking:

  • Date: Thursdays 19:30 for 2024
  • Booking: Pre-registration is essential due to the limited number of spaces available. You can book for one or as many sessions as you would like. Call our receptionists for more details and bookings on 25256533.

Join us on this transformative journey to enhance your well-being, and unlock a serene state of mind and body. Suitable for individuals at all levels of experience.

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